Impact of Sports Funding 2016-17

The funding of release time for PE leader has allowed him to oversee the comprehensive
PE action plan for the school and also to be the chair of the SEN PE forum. This has ensured that we as a school have been aware of and involved in as many sports related activities across the county as possible including Level 2 and 3 games.

We have attended L3 Boccia tournaments. We also participated in L3 Swimming gala and athletics event. We again hosted the L3 Archery tournament for Special schools. This is a fabulous event not only developing archery skills but social and community skills in interacting with other young people. Our pupils were wonderful hosts and were rightly proud of our facilities and equipment. We attended a trigolf tournament and this will be part of the L3 Games in the future. We have also been involved in panathlon, mini red tennis and football. The additional coaching in these areas that has been bought in has provided our pupils with the confidence and skills to participate and compete fully within these events.

We have funded additional days for PE lead to monitor and evaluate PE and to support staff CPD with the aim of peer support being developed across the Departments. This will continue into the academic Year 2017-18. This will also assist the schools’ succession planning for leading PE and responsibility for the SPG.

Our inclusive cycling project, in which we worked closely with Active Gloucestershire, has continued to develop. We have purchased scooters and balanceability bikes which are being used to teach and develop the mobility and balance skills necessary for cycling. 2 staff have attended balanceability training and are running sessions for pupils. The grant has been used to fund this training and to provide cover for these staff to run sessions. This means that pupils who are not able to currently ride a bicycle are developing skills to do so. The staff have a full assessment pack that monitors and records progress for these pupils. Bikes are being maintained and replaced as necessary and a range of inclusive cycles continue to be available to ensure inclusivity across the school. Other special schools have regularly used our cycles, track and instructor to develop cycling skills for their pupils and the feedback from them has been very positive. We participated in the Sustrans Cycling for Schools initiative – ‘The Big Pedal’.

We have continued to run lunchtime clubs including cricket, table cricket, archery and golf. A dance fit lunchtime club has recently been set up funded through the grant and this has been very well attended. The Primary Department have purchased a range of equipment to support lunchtime activities. The impact of this has been immense with a huge decrease in the amount of incident/accident reports being received across this department for this time slot. This shows that the pupils are more engaged during their lunch breaks, reducing the incidents of challenging behaviour.

Archery has become a well established part of our PE curriculum with the purchase of a range of equipment. This has given our pupils an opportunity to try a new physical activity and we directed 2 particular pupils to an outside archery club as they showed a particular aptitude in this area.

2 staff have been trained to deliver yoga sessions, particularly for pupils on the Autistic spectrum and they plan to introduce sessions for specific pupils as an intervention to support physical and mental wellbeing. The impact of this will be monitored for those individuals.

We have purchased the Winstrada award scheme and a hoist for access to the trampoline. The impact of this is that trampolining is fully inclusive and we can assess, track, report and reward progress for individuals in this important area of physical development.

We have purchased new badminton and table tennis equipment which has enhanced the curriculum offer across the school.

Developments planned for 2017-18

To further develop the effectiveness and efficiency of lunchtime clubs being delivered including the assessments and reporting of progress in balanceability.
Funding to ensure continuation of cycling instruction, increased storage capacity, maintenance and purchase of inclusive cycles and the assessment, recording and reporting of progress in balanceability.
Further development of PE section of school website to include an online gallery.
Staff CPD and support from PE lead to aid in succession planning.
Football coaching.
Continued participation in level 3 games and interschool tournaments.